Antique Style Map of Puerto Rico

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With four million people living on 3,515 square miles, Puerto Rico has a population density of almost eleven hundred people per square mile.

Residents live on a lush island with rain forests, mountain ranges, and broad white beaches.

The capital city, San Juan, is a favorite of US tourists and foreign investors.

Puerto Rico's economy, once dependent on sugar and coffee, is now based on manufacturing.

Food processing, electrical equipment and tourism are major industries.

Puerto Rico was under Spanish control for almost 400 years and remains Spanish speaking and largely Roman Catholic.

The United States took possession of the island after the Spanish American War. In 1915 Puerto Ricans were made U.S. citizens and in 1952 the island became a self-governing commonwealth.

Although some favor independence and others support statehood, the island's voters chose to remain a commonwealth in 1967 and again in 1993.

This map measures 33” x 19”.
All of our antique style maps are printed on quality parchment paper and frame beautifully.

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