Ships Wheel & Base With Degree Indicator, 30"

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For coastal living, the beautifully crafted 30” Brass Ship Wheel with Stand is a handsome addition to add to your furnishings and a great nautical centerpiece. A piece that can easily stand alone, it can also be mixed with other nautical items to make a statement of the sea, right in your own home. Inscribed on the hub of the wheel, it reads: "Brown Bros & Co Ltd" and "Rosebank Ironworks Edinburgh." On the top of the stand, it reads "John Hastie & Co Ltd Engineers Greynock." Add a classic nautical touch to whatever room you place it in, a must have for those who appreciate high quality nautical home decor. The Brass wheel measures 30" in diameter The base measures 32" The overall height as shown measures 45" Weighs approximately 88Lbs.