Boatswain Pipe & Gift Box

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A beautiful reproduction of a Boson's pipe. The "boson's whistle" was used by sailors to salute high ranking officers as they board ship. This particular item features a brass framework, turned brass mouthpiece, plain brass whistle bowl and is attached to a 30 inch chain to hang around your neck. This item comes in a wooden box inlaid with a brass anchor.  Display it alone on a coffee table, bookshelf, desk, or mixed in among other nautical pieces. This Boson's whistle makes a wonderful addition to your nautical home decor. It can help turn an area in your home or office into your own beach house and give you that coastal decor look and feel. They make great nautical gifts, a beautiful piece of coastal decor, are a nice piece of nautical art as well as being a great addition to your nautical design & your home decoration.